Micromanaging Documentarian


Here’s a new video that I put together, hope you like it!

Here’s the trailer for “The Middle Ground” episode I’ve been working on. I went more along the lines of structure with this one, but it’s still every bit as personal. I hope you will share a piece of my life and also see it as a bit of your own. Enjoy! (Thank you to all my supporters, without you I’d be nothing.)

In the works.

In the works.

This is an episode very near and dear to me. I came with a completely different approach this time, hopefully as the audience you can see it for yourself. The title is pretty self explanatory but the shots I chose may not be, but they are all every bit as personal to me as they have been in the past episodes. Enjoy!

Today, brings a dosage of my work while waiting for the second season of the Surroundings series to drop. So here’s my most recently shot music video for The Fly Kids. Whip, Slick, Jay, and I shot this chaotic party in Tennessee and Shaun Zinda of Loud Plane TV chopped it up on the editing. Check it out YA’LL. 

Remember to watch it 5 times to see all the green!
First guest appearance in one of my videos, make sure you catch that too!


Here’s the trailer for the new video that’s soon to be dropping on WorldStarHipHop.

You think this is good?

Just wait.

Fasten those seatbelts, the seatbelt sign is ON.

Check this:
I did this video for my boys Whip & Si from The FLY KIDS and now I’m on the team, and going to Cali with Whip in a week and a half!
Let me know your thoughts!

This is the season finale of Surroundings Of Lindsay Smith season 1.
This little ditty pretty much takes the past eight months of my life and sums it up in 4 minutes flat.
Look for improvement.

This is the first official visual release off of Andrew Floyd’s Anticipation. Just another to add to the collection.

Andrew Floyd and the SwagLife crew head over to UCF to pop bottles and interact with the locals in this weeks edition of Anticipation Celebration, brought to you by SwagLife Entertainment & Lindsay Smith Cinematics.

Learning from the first mistake is a fools dream.



My newest visual addition to the Andrew Floyd Collection.
Here’s some of Andrew Floyd’s recent show footage, wrapped up in a nice little package for the release of Anticipation.

Stay tuned for “Anticipation Celebration” preview at the very end.